Collisions of the past, present, and future

JoAnn Rolle, Ph.d.,
2 min readJun 3, 2020

We are at war with an unseen foe, helpless yet united in humanity’s quest for resolution. When one thinks it could not get worse, it does. It has been difficult to reconcile the mass global deaths and illnesses that continue without knowing when the cure for COV19 will come.

But, it has been more devastating to witness history repeating itself on the doorsteps of what should be a changed society. While the current collision with history is racial in nature, it is also about class. There has been much said about racial discrimination and its root causes. There has also been much said about income disparity, yet globally class, as well as caste, differences widen not contract. Intuitively we understand that massive numbers of unemployed and underemployed in the workforce are not sustainable. How will this American story unfold? There are many who believe technology innovations and entrepreneurship hold the key to access for the opportunity to the future.

Before the pandemic, or the current race/ class crisis, a small group of international collaborators began working on the “ Future of Work and Entrepreneurship for the Undeserved.” While racism may continue, hope for the future may be in self-determination. Innovations in technology in an unscaled economy can replicate an opportunity for many. More on the possibilities in our recent article published by EdTech Review, “The Future of Work.”

What hope do you have for the future of work for the underserved?

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JoAnn Rolle, Ph.d.,

JoAnn Rolle, Ph.D., Dean of Business at Medgar Evers College, City University of New York (CUNY) is an economist and international keynote speaker.