International Conference on Economic Equity in a Post-Pandemic World

JoAnn Rolle, Ph.d.,
2 min readJul 8, 2023

At the Conference on Economic Equity in a Post Pandemic World we hope to engage a diverse group of academics, industry, government and other stakeholders in the important issue of economic equity.

The conference is inspired by many who are working to address the challenge of global income and wealth disparity. During the two day hybrid conference the several topics will be addressed on theme of leadership, equity, and sustainability.

The conference research papers are organized around three major themes:

1. Leadership and Equitable Business

2. Economic Equity and Sustainable Development

3. Transitioning to Industry 5.0 in a Post Pandemic World

Topics addressed in the papers include:

* the crucial role of Organizational Ambidexterity (OA) and their inferences related to Emerging Multinational Corporation (MNCs’) performance.

* how multiple quantitative methods of quantifying dynamic capabilities relate

* insights into the studies done on Work-Family Conflict (WFC) with Covid-19

* examination of the practices for the liquidity management

* policy consideration to improve and sustain tourism

* role of compassionate leadership (CL) in improving the workplace environment

* critical aspects of sustainability concerning the Information Computing Technology

* micro level study on the life, livelihoods of Tribal artisans

* how manufacturing industries can improve the most relevant path for their organization

* the effect of workplace spirituality (WS) on improving organizational consistency

* bibliometric analysis and literature review of workplace spirituality and job burnout

· the impact of social media interaction on tourists’ willingness to pay

· customer perception of digital banking transformation

· consumer attitudes toward fashion-related social media



JoAnn Rolle, Ph.d.,

JoAnn Rolle, Ph.D., Dean of Business at Medgar Evers College, City University of New York (CUNY) is an economist and international keynote speaker.